Allegiant Funding

Investing in the latest technology is an investment in the future of your business reaping many benefits that include greater speed, efficiency, innovation, cost efficiency, a competitive edge, and the opportunity for growth.

Financing through Allegiant Funding offers an alternative, flexible method of implementing technology. You have the option of spreading the cost over a period of time while knowing what your payments will be each month. This can ease cash flow, preserve lines of credit and protect your assets. Our financing options mean you don’t have to wonder whether to postpone the decision to remain current. No longer do you need to wait for a future time down the road to improve your processes and systems or put off necessary updates to streamline communications, efficiency and productivity which, when they’re hindered, can cost you money.

Allegiant Funding makes it affordable to add, upgrade or relocate mission-critical technology before it costs you money in lost productivity. Call Today to Discuss Your Technology Financing Needs with an Allegiant Financial Specialist – (913) 599-6900

Choose the technology that truly meets your company’s needs, rather than settling for what your budget will allow.

We all know that technology is evolving rapidly, introducing new upgrades, enhancements, and new products all together. What happens if a more current version of your technology becomes hits the market during the terms of your financing agreement? Through Allegiant Funding, you have the option to refresh your technology within the term of your current agreement* — without having to make an additional decision about your capital investment. Rest assured, with the flexibility and control you have in your investment, you’ll continually be up to date.

Rather than upgrading your IT in time-consuming phases due to budget constraints, Allegiant Technology gives you the option to install it all up front and hit the ground running.

Optimize your investment with greater productivity and cost efficiency. Contact our Allegiant Funding team today.