Posted by: admin on March 31, 2017

Let’s dance! I’ve been known to choreograph some big half-time dances in my day but this dance is all about college basketball.  For the past 5 years, Avaya has attended the penultimate college basketball. No, not Sadie Hawkins or the prom. The dance I’m referring to of course, is the lively Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament. Played mostly during March, the tournament is informally referred to as March Madness and has become one of the most famous annual sporting events in the United States.

Experience Is Everything

The experience is everything in the world of sports, and Allegiant USA partners with Avaya to power the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) annual convention in conjunction with the collegiate single-elimination championship tournament. For an event with this much coverage and participation, Allegiant USA sets up a mobile command center powered by Avaya’s IP Office™ Platform, inclusive of local and remote phones, wireless firewall switches, and VPN for secure, flexible, and easy set up that they can plug into at anytime, even from their hotels. This mobile engagement kit enables the NABC to have instant access to an ‘on-the-go’ office that is backed by simple, powerful unified collaboration technology for seamless engagement.

Mobile Command Center

Avaya’s elite technology and solutions provide an ‘office in a box’ experience for the championship weekend where the NABC also sponsors several major events, the College All-Star Game, NABC Expo, several coaching clinics and a grand finale at the Guardians of the Game College Basketball Awards Show. The mobile command center connects coaches, staff, and volunteers during high-adrenaline times with a reliable communications experience.

Scoring in the Cloud

The NABC Convention is home court for professional development and networking for coaches from all levels of play. NABC members use Avaya IP Office in their standard office, remote locations, tournament command center, and on-the-go offices for their mobile workforce. Throughout the single-elimination tournament the NABC also opens a temporary office to attract new memberships, job openings, and networking experiences for participating coaches. Next season, the powerhouse team of NABC and Allegiant USA will be taking IP Office to the cloud for an elite, scalable, and championship-like infrastructure that protects their investment and scales as their communication needs change.

A Tradition of World Class Coaches and Technology

With the remaining four teams officially set (South Carolina vs Gonzaga and Oregon vs North Carolina), Avaya, Allegiant USA, and the NABC know it’s time to suit-up and head out from Kansas City and Indianapolis to Phoenix, Arizona. While the championship game tips off at University of Phoenix Stadium, the NABC convention will be taking place nearby at the Phoenix Convention Center which is named one of the top 10 conventions centers in the country spanning 24-acres.

The NABC was initially created to protect the essence of the game against the ‘ban’ of dribbling, then evolved into an all-encompassing association committed to furthering the best interests of the game of basketball for the player, the coaches and participants. Since its inception in 1927, NABC has grown from over 100 coaches at the inaugural conference to 2,500 in recent years and 5,000 membership in total. Serving as an opportunity for the basketball coaching community to address issues surrounding the sport and collaborate on positive evolutions of the game, it is ground zero for professional, high school, and collegiate coaches across the country.

Avaya carries a tradition of providing world-class technology that pays tribute to the most important events and the highest levels of sports in the world. The national championship will be played Monday April 3 so keep your eyes on #MarchMadness and #AvayaSports as the final bracket shapes up and faces off.

Hope to see you at or on the dance floor or court side!

About the National Association of Basketball Coaches

Founded in 1927 by Forrest “Phog” Allen, the formation of the NABC began as an emergency measure for the presentation of a united opinion the Joint Basketball Rules Committee, then the central governing authority of the game, announced without notice that it had adopted a change in the rules which virtually eliminated the dribble. Allen, a student of basketball founder James Naismith, organized coaches to take a stand in a nationwide protest which successfully postponed the adoption of the rule change for one year. This marked the beginning of this collective group of coaches to serve as Guardians of the Game.