Some of the top ten primary benefits of outsourcing IT needs and augmenting internal staff capability:


Rather than hire or fire an IT person who may not have all the skills required to do a particularly mission critical job, you will have access to senior level technicians with a broad base of knowledge and experience.


Independent research shows that it can cost as much as $12,500/year to train your own IT person. Our experienced staff is already trained and we absorb any costs for ongoing training.

Challenge Avoidance

We focus on helping you avoid IT challenges from happening as opposed to merely reacting when problems become critical. We have many more sophisticated tools to help your customers get more from their current technology.


If a non-IT person is in charge of managing an IT employee or staff, it is often challenging for the manager to clearly understand if the employee is doing the right job and providing the direction that is right for the company. Allegiant technology has a special focus to provide this kind of direction supporting hundreds of companies and their IT personnel.

Technology Changes

Allegiant Technology keeps abreast of the latest technologies impacting your business—that is our job. If you hire someone on your staff, or have staff that has been inside for years can you truly rely on them to know the latest products, bug fixes, and which technologies to embrace and which to avoid? When your internal teams partner with Allegiant you can rely that your business teams are all ways aware of the tech that can help your business.

No Hiring

Hiring to expand your own IT staff can be a time-consuming and costly process. We take care of that for you so you don’t need to worry about finding the right tech, personnel of experience. You also have the extra benefit of not having to pay costly payroll taxes and worker’s compensation costs.

Lower Cost

Our experience shows that we typically save our clients over 50% of the cost of having in-house IT staff. We do this by using our state-of-the-art technology for monitoring and managing your network, and keeping our technicians focused on doing the tasks that make ROI sense for our clients. Our techs don’t waste our clients’ time and money on “buzz tech of the day” that does not change the productivity of your company.

No Termination Issues

Firing staff today can be a big problem. You can avoid termination issues when you outsource your IT support projects to us.

No Sick/Vacation Time

If you rely on an in-house IT person, what do you do when he or she calls in sick or takes a vacation? With Allegiant, we always have you covered and we will never walk off the job with your sign-ons.

Continuum of Technology

We pull together the continuum of Tech you need. We help our clients with a full range of technology solutions, from repair and maintenance to managed IT services and project consulting.