Security Threats are real

Network and data security are chief concerns for businesses today. We now know the government is not going to protect individual businesses from attacks. It is now up to each us to assure the continuity and security of the data and relationships with which we work.

There are a myriad of business security and continuity threats that evolve and come to pass, often outside the vision of the internal teams working hard to accomplish the business of their business. From bad employees, hackers, war drivers to clandestine criminals holding your servers and company for ransom. Allegiant Technology has the tech, experience, process and commitment to stop threats in their tracks so you can sleep well at night knowing Allegiant Technology, Allegiant Networks and Allegiant Backbone services have you covered with precisely what you need. And no finger pointing. We take responsibility end to end with our business continuity assurance plan.

Allegiant can help

To find out exactly what those network, security and data needs are for your business, we start with a full stack assessment that includes a deep dive Security Risk Assessment deployed by our full continuum of technology and business continuity technologists. Our lead HIPAA and PCI-trained staff attorney will analyze the technologists’ work. Then we provide an executive-level analysis that includes your business’s Security Risk Score assimilated to your business along with summary charts, graphs and an explanation of the risks found in the security audit.

Once we provide the company leadership with a detailed understanding of your current level of security and risk, then the networking, security and telecommunications experts at Allegiant Technology deliver and help you manage customized solutions to protect your business and the sensitive data you hold.

Network Security

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Secure Remote Access

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Mobile Management

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Email Security

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Perimeter Security

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Regulatory Compliance

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Managed Services

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Secure Offsite Storage

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Cloud & Remote Access & Support

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