Allegiant Technology supports your business’s best practices and risk management protocols by helping you take the proactive steps necessary to ensure your records and data are safe and secure – before anything occurs.

For document storage, our services include transportation and boxes for packing, making it so convenient. If you’d like certain records scanned so they can be sent back to you online, Allegiant provides that too. Our customer web portal provides easy access to help you retrieve the information you need with the utmost efficiency. We also offer tape backup systems, plus offsite tape storage and vaulting. Rest assured, our offsite storage facility has advanced security and fire detection/suppression technology, along with 24/7 monitoring to ensure document safety. For online data, we offer both backup systems and data restoration. All in all, Allegiant Technology offers an affordable and secure records management solution to store, manage, and protect. You can sleep easier when you know you’re prepared.

We are proudly partnered with the following companies to bring you the highest quality secure offsite storage service available: