One server can do the work of many by sharing a single server’s resources across the continuum of different environments. This frees users from both geographical and physical barriers, and saves both time and resources. With virtual servers, your company can save large amounts of power that would have been expended to operate multiple physical servers. In addition, aggregating multiple servers into a single virtual server eliminates the cost of having to purchase and install more hardware every time a company sets up another website.

Going green also saves some of yours. Not only will you reduce the carbon footprint, when you use virtual server technologies, you will save as much as 40 percent on energy (maintenance and power) costs. That means less burning of carbon fuels and less greenhouse gas emissions.

Other benefits include: increased enhanced connectivity to more visitors, clients, and partners, reliable performance; streamlined operations; reduced costs; greater resource efficiencies; enhanced disaster recovery; easy restoration; eco-friendly impact; and a true time saver.

With virtual serves, installation is fast, reducing down time. Set up, upgrade and run resource application procedures in just a couple of hours. While conventional servers can take a couple of days to install, virtual servers can often be installed in a couple of hours, without having to disable your company’s email system.

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